On your way back to the physical activities that you love? Test Vivira for free. Then upgrade to Vivira Premium.

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After testing Vivira for free, your upgrade to Vivira Premium provides 3 major benefits


All exercises

Premium plans access Vivira’s full exercise library.


All difficulty levels

Vivira plans have up to 5 difficulty levels. Premium gives you access to all levels.

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Full control

Premium gives you unlimited Movement Tests (mobility, strength, coordination) and Wellbeing Journal entries (pain, quality of life, limitations).


Certified medical product

Vivira is a E.U. certified class I medical product, developed, tested and validated by doctors and therapists.


The Vivira App lets you select the subscription that best suits your needs

3 months

15,00 €

per month

44,99 € every 3 months

6 months

13,33 €

per month

79,99 € every 6 months

12 months

8,33 €

per month

99,99 € every 12 months

Cancel Vivira Premium anytime within our 7-day free trial period

Your account won’t be charged until 7 days after you activate Vivira Premium

Compare Vivira Free and Vivira Premium


Up to 12 exercises

1 level of difficulty

2 Movement Tests

4 Wellbeing Journal entries


Up to 120 exercises

Up to 5 level of difficulty

Unlimited Movement Tests

Unlimited Wellbeing Journal entries

Download Vivira and activate Premium now!

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Do you have questions regarding Vivira Premium? Send us a message –  we’re happy to help.