Return to pain-free movement
with exercises that progress
as you get stronger

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Certified medical product

Vivira is a CE-certified medical product, created by doctors and therapists

Personalized plans

Day after day, select the exercise level that’s just right for you

You’re in control

Train on your own, whenever you want, wherever you want

Only 10 minutes a day

A few minutes a day is all it takes to become healthier.
Try it out!

  • " With the therapy plan right here in my pocket, it’s easy to find a few minutes a day to complete my exercises. "

    David K.
    David K. Back pain
  • " After my surgery, I needed motivation to exercise at home. With Vivira, I can see my progress every day. "

    Cornelia S.
    Cornelia S. Hip surgery
  • " After my bike accident, Vivira was the perfect support to recover my broken shoulder. Their exercises are easy to follow. "

    Leif L.
    Leif L. Shoulder injury

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