“A healthy body is invaluable. I want to be able to enjoy daily life without pain.”

Your program for personalized orthopedic training at home

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Why users choose Vivira

They want to train to reduce pain, restore physical function, or simply keep their body operational

Why Users chose Vivira - back pain

They’re looking to avoid surgery or to prepare for surgery through prior training

Why Users chose Vivira app

They want to complement physiotherapy or continue training after rehab

Your Vivira training program is a repeating cycle with three key elements

3 pillars assessment

1. Test yourself

Evaluate your mobility, strength, and coordination once a month

3 pillars training

2. Train

Exercise with your personalized plan and progression algorithm, for just 10 minutes a day

3 pillars journal

3. Observe

Track your pain, quality of life and limitations once a week


Your plan will progress according to your capabilities

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Personalised program

Your training is meant to advance you, without under challenging or overstraining you.

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Careful progression

We’ll increase difficulty only once you’re able to perform an exercise pain-free.

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Keep your progress in sight

Regularly test your capabilities, track your wellbeing, and log your activities.

We aim for the highest quality in supporting your training

Vivira is an E.U. CE certified class I medical product developed and by doctors and therapists.

More than 100.000 people have used the exercises provided by our programs.

Excellent feedback from Users, Patients, Therapists und Doctors

Positive feedback by satisfied users

  • " With the therapy plan right here in my pocket, it’s easy to find a few minutes a day to complete my exercises. "

    David K.
    David K. Back pain
  • " After my surgery, I needed motivation to exercise at home. With Vivira, I can see my progress every day. "

    Cornelia S.
    Cornelia S. Hip surgery
  • " After my bike accident, Vivira was the perfect support to recover my broken shoulder. Their exercises are easy to follow. "

    Leif L.
    Leif L. Shoulder injury

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