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Do you suffer from knee pain, hip pain or back pain?

Vivira. In-home therapeutic training

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Developed by doctors and therapists, clinically evaluated

You wish to try reducing your pain through therapeutic training?

Why Users chose Vivira - back pain

You wish to prepare for surgery with therapeutic training?

Why Users chose Vivira app

You wish to complement physiotherapy or to continue training after rehab?

Test your movement, get personalized training, track your progress

3 pillars assessment

1. Test

Evaluate your mobility, strength, and coordination once a month

3 pillars training

2. Train

Exercise daily, with a dynamic, personalized plan

3 pillars journal

3. Track

Track your pain, quality of life and limitations once a week


Your plan will adapt according to your feedback after every exercise

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Personalised program

Your training is meant to advance you, without under challenging or overstraining you.

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Careful progression

We’ll increase difficulty only once you’re able to perform an exercise pain-free.

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Keep your progress in sight

Regularly test your capabilities, track your wellbeing, and log your activities.

We’re here for you

More than 50,000 people have already used our programs

We continually develop Vivira to keep on improving its functionality for users

Vivira is currently compatible with operating systems from Android 6.0 and iOS 11.0 onward

”I recommend Vivira in suited cases to reduce pain and restore physical function

Dr. med Markus Klingenberg
Head of the Vivira Medical Board

Vivira Development Partners

About Vivira

Vivira was founded 2015 by Dr. Philip Heimann and rehab clinic operators Dr. Petra Becker (Dr. Becker Klinikgruppe, Cologne) and Fabian Blank (fmr. Meduna Klinikverbund, Bad Bertrich). The Vivira Medical Board is lead by Dr. med. Markus Klingenberg (Beta Klinik, Bonn). Several public and private health insurers, clinics, doctors, and therapists provide Vivira to their patients and policy holders to complement conventional medical therapies. Vivira aims to support those who suffer from musculoskeletal diseases in the best possible way with personalized digital programs